“Powerful enemies must be out-fought and out-produced.” 

President Franklin Roosevelt

Covid-19, How You Can Help Our Healthcare Workers

COVID-19 Response

How we can all help

President Franklin Roosevelt addressed Congress and his countrymen at a time when the nation was feeling great uncertainty. His words still ring true today. It has become clear that COVID is as powerful as any enemy humanity has ever faced. The COVID-19 virus is our generation’s Pearl Harbor and we have been called into action but in a very different way. Our health care workers are on the front lines and they need the public to work together to help them win. 

In this new theatre of war, there is an incredible need for protective wear also known as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for health care professionals in the current pandemic situation. As a result, many companies have quickly developed free 3d printing designs for PPE to help our health care communities. We are working tirelessly to consolidate this information and get it to you immediately. 

How We Can Help Our Healthcare Workers

We sew. We have access to 3d printers. We share information.

Whether you help make PPE, contribute to covering the material costs, or simply promote this message- you can do your part to help those on the front lines. Maker communities all across the nation are making a difference. Here is what you can do to contribute and join the mission:


Find a community to work with. We recommend:


Your community will have instructions on what to make. Follow their guidlines. It is important to work closely with your community because hospitals need approved medical designs that are open source.


Create your gear. It is very important that you follow protocol. Do not simply produce the PPE. You must follow exact protocols based on the type of PPE and materials you are using. This saves materials and time, and ensures the safety of the health care professionals who will use your gear.


Work with your community to deliver your 3d printed or sewn PPE to the drop off points.

Reach Out:

In some cases, you might not have all the material to make a complete face shield or mask. Not to worry! Someone in your community will have a surplus of the supplies you need. And please, share your extra supplies as well. Let’s collaborate!

Purchasing a 3D Printer

Now Is The Time

If you are at home adhearing to social distancing, you now have the time. You can purchase 3d printers that are reasonably priced. If you are technically inclined, or like to build things yourself, you can find printer kits to assemble yourself for less than the cost of an evening out. On the other hand, if you are worried you will not be able to assemble it yourself, that’s ok. Maker communities are the friendliest groups. Join one from the list above and you will have no problem finding people to help you get your printer  productive immediately. Alternatively, you can email us here and we will have one of our engineers help you.

Where To Buy a 3D Printer

From a Trusted Source:


Current Covid-19 News:

LLNL develops ‘stopgap’ ventilator for COVID-19 use

LLNL develops ‘stopgap’ ventilator for COVID-19 use

While hospitals across the U.S. faced a possible shortage of mechanical ventilators due to COVID-19, a self-assembled “skunk works” team at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) worked tirelessly to prototype a simple ventilator design for quick and easy assembly from available parts. Read More…